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Is Motueka TDC's 'forgotten settlement'?

April 23rd, 2017
[by David Armstrong]

While supporting Council's stance on reducing debt, the Motueka Community Board nevertheless said a lack of movement on key infrastructure is hurting Motueka.

In its written submissions to TDC's annual plan and long term plan processes, tabled at the Community Board meeting last Tuesday, the board identified several projects needing urgent work, and said "there is a growing feeling that Motueka has become the forgotten settlement".

It said that while supporting Council's financial strategy, "as with any business, flexibility needs to be shown at all times for projects or Community needs to be met when required".

Projects needing attention included the Motueka library, stormwater problems, High Street pedestrian crossings, extensions to Sports Park Motueka, freedom camping, and subdivision and land availability.

Given the rushed nature of the so-called Council consultation process around the 2017/18 annual plan and the 2018/2028 Long term plan, the board's submission also appears to have been put together hastily, given several grammatical errors.

Noting previous deferrals of plans to remedy major stormwater problems in the Poole Street area since 2011/12, this submission asked for work to begin in the coming annual plan.

"Stormwater is a basic infrastructure requirement and must be given urgency and allocation of funding for the 2017/18 annual plan," the submission said.

Looking further into the future, the board asked that all work in the Poole Street, Fearon Street and Parker Street area be brought forward to year one of the 2018/2028 Long term plan.

It also asked that the project to manage stormwater through Monahan Street be brought forward to 2019 at the latest, to allow the development of the Motueka West Area subdivisions.

For both of these projects, the board suggested that if Council staff don't have the resources to tackle these jobs, they could be outsourced or run as private/public partnerships.

The lack of any clarity around the future of the Motueka library is increasingly becoming a concern for the Community Board, and this submission pleaded again for a feasibility study to be conducted in the 2017/18 annual plan to look at the best solution for Motueka's pressing library needs.

"The library is an essential public amenity and it is accepted that the current Motueka library is inadequate in size and failing to meet community expectation," the board said.

"So that the community can progress the development of a new library/hub, we request that the feasibility aspect of this project is funded in the 2017/18 year."

However, in their long term plan request list, the board also asked that a relocation of the Laura Ingram Kindergarten be investigated. This would free up the space used by the kindergarten for car parking in the area, presumably for a library extension.

Another long term plan suggestion asked Council to purchase the adjoining field north of Sports Park, now that the Education Department has okayed this to go ahead.

The Community Board also asked that currently allocated funds be retained in the 2017/18 annual plan to undertake the upgrading of High Street pedestrian areas and crossings.

Comment by Sue Clark:
[Posted 24 April 2017]

Some of the planning seems okay - I guess we need storm water drains fixing etc. but....what about the Motueka Bridge, what about the pool, cycle tracks, tourist projects (reasons to come to Motueka). I guess there is only so much money but it surely can't all be used on drains?? And I see Riwaka doesn't even get any upgrades.

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