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The 2013 Christmas celebration at Memorial Hall

Reverse donation a highlight of board meeting

July 27th, 2016
[by David Armstrong]

Yesterday's Community Board meeting had its usual assortment of complaints and criticisms. But this time a small, happy highlight was a donation back to TDC by a volunteer group.

The committee which has organised the Motueka Community Christmas Dinner for the past three years has passed on donations made by those attending last year's event, to top up the Memorial Hall cutlery set to 200 settings.

While making a presentation asking for $500 from the board's discretionary fund to help run this year's dinner, organiser Sue Clark said that while the dinner is free, some people last year gave donations in appreciation.

The committee decided that the donated sum would best be spent by bringing the cutlery up to the number required to cater for the 200 people expected again this year.

The board gratefully accepted the offer on behalf of the hall's owner, Tasman District Council. They also approved this year's grant.

Other discretionary fun applications The board approved two other grant applications yesterday. The first was for $495 to the Motueka RSA to help pay for the backing and attachment of a mural commemorating 100 years of the Anzac's, painted and donated by Image Creators.

The second was also for $495, to help pay for the attendance by the Motueka Recreation Centre at the national darts tournament in Rotorua in August, where they will promote the 2017 tournament (and perhaps for three further years) to be held in Motueka.

School zone speeding issues
Board member David Ogilvie again raised the issue that NZTA is refusing to set up school zones on State Highway 60 outside Motueka South school and Parklands School, where safety on the busy highway is a high priority.

He said that while he was being told that these reduced speed zones cannot be set up on State Highways, there is already one on SH6 at Tahunanui School.

After some dispute amongst board members about correct protocol, the board agreed to write to NZTA through Tasman District Council, requesting that school speed zones be set up opposite Motueka South and Parklands schools.

Water for firefighting
The board heard a presentation from Jeff Cuthbertson, TDC's senior engineer for utilities, about the state of water supplies for firefighting in and around Motueka.

Due to the poor state of all of the "upstand pipes" (pipes sticking out of the ground that source water from the aquifers) and at least one firewell, he recommended that TDC's long term plan should include funding for the decommissioning of those water sources that do not comply to the minimum flow standard.

He also asked the board to endorse his proposal that operational funding be set aside from the Motueka Fire Maintenance budget for the purchase of a FlexiDam and locker for the volunteer Fire Brigade's new water tanker.

Regional landfill
Another TDC presentation at the meeting was made by David Stephenson, explaining the Council's decision to amend its Long Term Plan regarding solid waste disposal so as to form a joint operation with Nelson City Council.

The new joint body will operate both Nelson's current York Valley landfill and Tasman's Eves Valley landfill. The plan is to use York Valley for the next 15 years - its expected capacity - while closing off the Eves Valley landfill until it is needed from that date onwards.

This will save many millions of dollars for Tasman ratepayers over the long term, he said, but there will be an extra approximately $7 average per year rate increase to pay for the $4.2 million initially required to make the partnership work fairly.

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