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Litter cart operation to be discontinued

March 23rd, 2016
[by David Armstrong]

The litter cart operation for the Motueka CBD will be discontinued shortly due to lack of funds to continue the part-time contract.

The Motueka Community Board yesterday tried to make $3900 available from its $50,000 "Special Projects" fund to contribute to the Motueka Litter Cart contract, but were told by TDC's Corporate Services manager Mike Drummond that the rules forbade it.

He pointed out a line of the policy which the board itself decided last year to govern how spending could be made on Special Projects, saying that it could only be used for "bricks and mortar" projects, and not for wages. However the policy also says that other projects may be funded under "extraordinary" circumstances.

The litter cart operation has been running for many years now, but business sponsorship and other funding has always been a problem, with various organisers in the past chipping in, including Keep Motueka Beautiful and the Motueka Lionesses.

Recently Our Town Motueka has been picking up the tab while trying to seek outside funding and sponsorship, but to date they have been unsuccessful. TDC itself has refused to contribute any money directly to the continuation of the service.

This work is carried out for 2 hours on Mondays to Fridays, totalling 10 hours a week at the minimum wage.

Community Board chairman Paul Hawkes said that the litter cart provides "an invaluable community service" which he would hate to see discontinued.

He said Our Town Motueka is able to contribute $3900 from its own limited budget, and asked that the Community Board could match the figure to maintain the service for the next few months.

This goal has now been quashed, with Mike Drummond saying that this was not an "extraordinary" circumstance.

Board member David Ogilvie told Motueka Online that trying to get TDC to agree to Motueka making any decisions of its own was like "hitting your head against a brick wall".

Subsequent to this article being posted on Facebook, Paul Hawkes added the following comment: "I am not willing to let this matter lie. I have made an approach to TDC for this to be reconsidered and am awaiting an official responce. Watch this space!"


Comment by Mark Chapman:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

Interesting that when the Community Board made changes to how they would allocate funding that you stated that to concentrate on "bricks and mortar" was a mistake. You did well not to state "I told you so". The litter cart has always been a community board project and it's sad to see its demise because of a lack of foresight. Well done OTM for keeping it going up to now.

Comment by Joy Shorrock:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

We should also be pushing for a better recycling infrastructure for Motueka.

Comment by Georgie Eschweiler :
[Posted 24 March 2016]

Very disappointing!

Comment by Malcolm Garrett:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

A dismal response to what is a local solution that has been squeezed out of existence for the sake of a few thousand dollars. Agreed we need a lot less littering but try to get KFC and McDonalds to help with their litter trail?

Comment by Linda Woodgate:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

Now I know why the TDC has not a good reputation elsewhere in NZ. They have their priorities wrong again when it comes to Motueka.

Comment by Eileen Prowse:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

I think Motueka and Golden Bay are a thorn in the side of the TDC, if they could get rid of us they would, its an "On going battle" to get anything done over here.

Comment by Matthew Beech:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

It's always the 'bottom line' that drives the TDC's decisions.

Comment by Sue Clark:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

I find it to be extremely on the nose that Richmond can have its main street completely 'renovated' and we can't get a litter cart?? The cost of this litter cart can hardly make a dent in their budget.

Comment by Russell Scott:
[Posted 24 March 2016]

We Scotts Hirabin are doing there bit by emptying the litter carts wheelie bin once a week at no cost to anyone but us . To lose this it wouldn't take long until the place would go backwards.

Comment by Anita Newport:
[Posted 25 March 2016]

As a business owner in Motueka with a business that backs onto a council lane way and Carpark where there are often freedom campers, we are forever picking up rubbish. The majority of it is fast food wrappers and alcohol and beverage bottles.

It would be such a shame to lose the cart and we would love to help sponsor the cart but also feel that our rates should be contributing to covering things like this.

At one stage we decided to have a skip out the back in hope that people would use it instead of littering and that worked for a while until someone set it on fire?

I'm not sure of the answer but removing the cart is definitely not going to help anything. Maybe a trial of larger council removed waste bins in high risk areas? We could offer them the corner of our yard to put a bin?

As a busy business owners, sometimes a lot of us overlook these matters as we don't have the time to get involved so I am pleased that Paul Hawkess is not letting this lie on behalf of all of us... Thanks Paul.. Keep up the good work. If Parkes Automotive can do anything to help, please let us know

Comment by Dave Moloney:
[Posted 25 March 2016]

Ridiculous. I take my hat off to those who have taken on a number of additional projects that TDC refuse to be part of and make it work for the community - the Christmas lights, the security cameras (a HUGE thanks to Grant Heney for piecing this together), rubbish collection down the main street (including several business managers and owners every morning), a trades academy initiated by Motueka High School, ITM and local tradies, and a community pool venture which is gathering momentum exponentially.

Thoroughly appreciate what Paul Hawkes and Peter Canton are doing for the Ward, I certainly hope Kempthorne has sturdy competition for mayor this election. While I am not in the position to represent the Motueka Ward at this stage (not through apathy in any way) I will throw my full support behind someone who commits to reinvesting in local communities before they turn into dying towns.

Comment by Joanna Santa Barbara:
[Posted 26 March 2016]

Am I remembering this correctly? When McDonald's planned to open a franchise in Motueka there were many citizen objections. As a public relations measure, McDonald's, a significant contributor to street rubbish, promised to fund a litter cart.

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