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Pool fundraisers offer big 'membership' draws

In related news, Greenwood Health has made the latest large donation to the pool project, with its Board offering $3,000 from its community fund last week. Some of the staff involved were (from left) nurse Naomi Rosamond, practice manager Daniel Bulman, receptionist Nicky Fitzgerald and Dr Oliver Madigan

November 17th, 2016
[by David Armstrong]

The swimming pool fundraising team are taking on their biggest project challenge to date, selling 1000 tickets in a 3-month long "membership" draw.

The members - people who have purchased a ticket for a membership fee of $24 - then have the chance to win four cash prizes every week for 12 weeks. That is effectively $2 per draw.

Each weekly draw, which will occur under police supervision, will have one prize of $500, two prizes of $200 each, and one prize of $100. The member ticket is "live" throughout the 12 weeks.

Those good at arithmetic can work out that the fundraising project - to enclose the High School pool and add in community changing facilities - will receive $12,000 less costs, with the other $12,000 over the period going back to the 48 prize winners.

Similar membership schemes have been used in several New Zealand locations to raise sums of money larger than those for normal raffles. It is understood that Ashburton ran a very successful draw of this type to help pay for its indoor pool.

The membership draw is a mechanism which is permitted by the Department of Internal Affairs for raising large sums without huge amounts of compliance paperwork.

The draws begin as soon as the 1000th ticket is sold, and fundraising team members are actively selling and distributing them around the community. They hope the draws will start by early December at the latest.

Anyone wanting a ticket or book of 20 tickets should contact the main organisers, Sue Clark (phone 0275443002, email or Scott Heywood (email

They can also be purchased from Lisa at Motueka Floral Studio, just up from Westpac bank.

The pool fundraising drive is now just on half-way to its target of raising $200,000 from within the Motueka community and local businesses, and is aiming to achieve its target before the middle of 2017.

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