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Solution found for Kai Fest alcohol dilemma

November 16th, 2016
[by David Armstrong]

Another piece in the Motueka Kai Fest planning jigsaw has fallen into place, thanks to a collaboration between the planners and the MOTropolis owner to provide alcohol tastings off-site.

The main Kai Fest event, to be held on Sunday April 9th at Decks Reserve, will celebrate the outstanding food and beverages produced in the Motueka area, including the world-famous craft beers, wines and ciders.

But with the event being a family affair, the planning team were not keen on having alcoholic beverages available on Decks Reserve.

"Though there will be plenty to eat at the event, we certainly don't want the Kai Fest to be a place for lots of drinking and the potential problems that brings," says the leader of the planning team, Petra Stephenson.

Step up Janis Ord (pictured), owner of the MOTropolis hub across Wallace Street from the reserve, who will host up to 10 stalls for hops, wine and cider makers who can provide samples for adult and make packaged sales.

The deal, facilitated by event coordinator Terri Everett and agreed by Council staff, means that all businesses providing alcohol samples must get their own off-site licences at the cost of $65 each, and provide their own gazebos and furniture.

Any alcohol products purchased as a result of tastings must be packaged and carried off the premises rather than drank there. And they cannot then be taken onto Decks Reserve.

The owners of the Sprig & Fern tavern, just across the road from Decks Reserve, will also be open throughout the event for people wishing to relax with a beer or wine.

Janis Ord, whose MOTropolis complex is home to eight businesses, says she is only too happy to help out with this great community initiative.

"Being just across the road, and with a great garden setting in front of our main building, I volunteered to help out to ensure that our region's great wines and beers can be featured without potentially spoiling a family event," she says.

Exhibitors will be allocated the 10 spaces on a first-come-first-served basis, so businesses wanting to offer a tasting stall should contact the event coordinator at for information and to apply.

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