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Council seeks thoughts on use of open spaces

February 26th, 2014

The Council is preparing an open space strategy to help improve the management and provision of our parks, reserves, natural areas and other types of open space.

It wants residents to participate in the development of the strategy by completing an online survey on what we think. Feedback closes on Monday 3rd March.

Council says the Open Space Strategy will help them better understand:

  • what types of open spaces are important to Tasman residents and visitors and why;
  • how well they be are being managed now; and
  • how they can be improved.

Open spaces are an intrinsic part of any community. They provide a venue for a variety of activities that enhance community life, recreation and past-times that are made possible by the space itself.

Open space includes all of the parks, reserves, cycleways, walkways, cemeteries, beaches, rivers, lakes and other areas that Tasman residents and visitors use for recreation, as well as natural areas that we value for environmental reasons.

For the purpose of this Strategy, it does not include roads and streets and developed civic areas in the town centres. Also, it only considers the non-competitive uses of sports fields.

The Council is responsible for the provision of open spaces and costs associated in each of its communities. The Open Space Strategy will guide the Council in the provision of the appropriate open space for the communities they serve.

The Council is also interested in co-ordinating its work with that of other open space providers, such as the Department of Conservation and the Ministry of Education, and will be consulting with these and other land management agencies, as well as special interest groups.

The Strategy is not a statutory document, but will be used to advise other plans that the Council is required to develop, such as management plans for its assets and the Council’s Long Term Plan. It will also collate all the information we have available about the quality and quantity of our open spaces.

Take the survey by clicking on this link.


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