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Solution plotted for sewage treatment odour

March 5th, 2013
[TDC press release]

Work is under way to monitor objectionable odours from Motueka's wastewater treatment network and the sewage plant, and to try different techniques aimed at eliminating them.

This summer the Council has received a number of odour complaints in Motueka. The odours have been sheeted back to the wastewater treatment plant and depending on certain wind and weather conditions have been reported as unbearable.

The complaints have led the Council to make further improvements to wastewater treatment plant in an effort to eliminate the odour issues.

"While we are experiencing this long period of dry weather we will continue to monitor and implement different techniques for odour reduction. It is important that you continue to inform us of any odour effects", said Robert Workman, the Council's asset engineer in charge of the site.

"You can phone or send an e-mail providing information on when and where the odours are occurring along with your name and a contact phone number. This will help us investigate the issue and take remedial action as soon as possible.

"Thank you to those residents who have kept us informed as we work on this problem.

"In order to monitor the level of naturally occurring hydrogen sulphide gas, the source of the smell, more odour loggers have been placed in the wastewater delivery systems from both Kaiteriteri and Motueka. This will help to identify where additional treatment could be used to reduce odours from the pump delivery mains.

"The process is currently being monitored from end to end in an effort to identify any further issues. One thing we do know for sure is that the odour is from the network and not the ponds themselves."

An odour control unit at the wastewater treatment plant inlet has been installed and the odour reduction achieved has been very successful to date.

The options for the renewal of the consent and its conditions for the management of the wastewater treatment site are being discussed by the Council later this month. Once the Council approves a proposed upgrade option then public consultation will start.

Consultation will include an open day at the treatment plant site and further information on the proposed upgrade.

"Until the upgrade occurs we need to identify any further concerns regarding the operation of the treatment plant," said Robert Workman. "They may relate to odours or something that you would like to see improved. The upgrade works are planned to commence in 2014.


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