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Tasman District representation model confirmed by Council

July 20th, 2012
[TDC press release]

The Tasman District Council has decided to retain its current representation structure for the next two elections in 2013 and 2016.

The Local Government Act requires all councils to review their representation arrangements every six years. The reviews go through several stages and must look at the electoral system under which Councillors and Community Board members are elected; Maori wards; how many Councillors; whether they are elected by wards, at large or a mixture of both; and retention, establishment or disestablishment of community boards.

The Tasman District Council has already resolved in 2011 to retain the 'first past the post' electoral system and not have a separate Maori ward. The previous decisions lead to the publishing and putting out for consultation a draft proposal on ward boundaries, number of councillors and Community Boards.

The next stage included putting out for consultation a proposal which covered matters such as the number of Councillors, Community Boards and Wards. There were eight submissions to the draft proposal covering a range of issues.

Council considered these submissions at its meeting on Thursday 19 July, including submissions that were in favour of the existing community boards, those that suggested that the community boards be dissolved and two submissions proposing a new Ruby Coast Moutere Hills ward with three councillors.

The current Golden Bay and Motueka community boards are supported by the communities they represent and Council resolved that they be retained, as set out in the draft proposal.

Council did not support a new ward for Ruby Coast Moutere Hills as the population does not meet the threshold required. Similarly Council did not support proposals that were outside the scope of the review - including suggestions for an alternative electoral system and a rural advisory board.

After consideration of submissions Council endorsed the draft proposal including:

  • Five wards of Golden Bay, Lakes-Murchison, Motueka, Moutere-Waimea and Richmond with the existing ward boundaries.
  • Continuation of a Council with Mayor and 13 councillors with two councillors for Golden Bay, one councillor for Lakes-Murchison, three councillors for Motueka, three councillors for Moutere-Waimea and four councillors for Richmond.
  • Two Community Boards, one for Motueka and one for Golden Bay with four elected Community Board members and the two Tasman District Council Ward councillors for the Golden Bay Community Board and four elected Community Board members and the three Tasman District Council Ward councillors for the Motueka Community Board.
  • The election by the Community Boards of their respective Chairs and Deputy Chairs.
  • Boundaries for the Golden Bay and Motueka Community Boards, being the same as the Tasman Bay District Council wards of Golden Bay and Motueka respectively.
  • Not to subdivide the Community Board areas for electoral purposes.

The final representation model will be advertised very shortly with a period for appeals. If none are received the model will be in place for the 2013 elections. If any appeals are received they will be forwarded to the Local Government Commission for their decision.


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