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Official website launched for amalgamation Q & A

March 16th, 2012
[based on TDC press release]

Aiming to encourage the residents and ratepayers of both Nelson and Tasman councils to make an informed vote by 21st April, the councils together today launched a website to help answer questions about the proposal. allows people to submit questions on the proposed amalgamation, which will be responded to with answers sourced from the Local Government Commission.

Residents and ratepayers can get factual information and be better prepared to vote in the coming poll.

  • It aims to identify for residents the known facts within the proposal.
  • Local Government Commission reports are the basis for answers.
  • The site will not host opinion or a speaker's corner.
  • Questions will be moderated, and if the answer is known they will be organised into topics for ease of use.

Question will be answered and appear on the site within 24 hours, and questioners will receive a notification via email that theirr question has been answered.

The content of the site will evolve as questions are asked. Questions and answers will be collected on separate web pages and organised by topic. For example, all of the questions about rates will appear as linked pages (to the right) for people who wish to browse the answers.

Everyone who asks a question will receive an answer by email. However, if a question is asked that has been repeatedly asked, it may not appear on the website as a separate question.

Click here to view the site, ask a question and browse answers.


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