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Tasman Council's reporting seen as a model for others

November 10th, 2011
[TDC press release]

Tasman District Council has been held up as an example for others by the Office of Auditor General. The Council's Annual Report for the 2009/10 year has been identified with 5 other Regional, District and City Councils as better than most, particularly in terms of performance reporting.

"While it was gratifying to be selected by the OAG for the purposes of their discussion papers, it is more important to us as a Council we are delivering clear, trustworthy and transparent reporting to our ratepayers, residents and stakeholders," said Mayor Richard Kempthorne.

"The Annual Report is a major part of the cycle of trust the elected members have with the constituents of Tasman - the first part being this is what we need to spend, the second part being where we are going to spend, with the last part being this is how we performed and the benefits achieved in that spending.

"Every year the Council makes a promise through its deliberations to ensure the investment ratepayers make in their District is managed prudently and effectively. Often the only way to represent the achievements of the year is through the Annual Report and it is essential to us that we provide our constituents with the confidence that we are doing what we promised, a sentiment shared by the OAG.

"In these current times of uncertainty it is important that people have the right information to base their decisions on and I am pleased we can provide another source of the truth through our Annual Report. When we say look to the Annual Report we can continue to do so with confidence," concluded Mayor Kempthorne.

The Tasman District Council's Annual Report for the 2010/2011 year will be available at the end of this month.


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