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Transition Town Motueka opposes mining plans in Golden Bay and Tasman Bay

May 8th, 2011
[Press release]

Transition Town Motueka opposes any intention to test-drill or mine in this area. The citizens' organisation, formed to work on the transition of the town away from use of fossil fuels and towards a low-carbon footprint, opposes the idea on several grounds.

"We've already overloaded the atmosphere with carbon, and have set ourselves up for serious climate change impacts," said Joanna Santa Barbara, speaking for the organisation.

"Why would we allow activities in this area that would make that even worse? We should be looking for ways to put carbon back into the ground, certainly not to take it out, burn it and send it into the atmosphere."

"New Zealanders have already spoken loud and clear on mining in wilderness areas. The shoreline of the Top of the South is a particularly precious wilderness and we will not stand by and see it threatened by off-shore mining activities," Dr. Santa Barbara said.

"Many jobs in this area depend on sharing that beauty with others. Do the mining companies imagine they can smile and say a spill will never happen here?"

Transition Town Motueka will consider further how to convey its opposition to the Australian-Chinese mining company plans, urging the government to refuse their request to mine in this area.


Comment by Sarah:
[Posted 23 May 2011]

I don't want the mining! Keep us posted of any protests against this crazy idea.

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