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First spadework in community garden project

September 20th, 2010
Based on a report submitted by Tara Forde

Yesterday, Sunday 19th September, we held our first successful working bee at the Old Wharf Road site. (Background information on the project here). A Deed of License was signed and witnessed onsite.

The grass has been ably mowed, and raked over, and the planting area ready to be sprayed. The cut grass was put into a pile, ready to make compost or garden plots. There are numerous bags of leaves on site for this purpose too. The garden plots were mapped out - five of them, each 1.5m x 15m. Thanks to all who turned up and got stuck in.

The next challenge will be to get enough raw materials to make the garden plots! The people involved in the project already are looking for suggestions on how to acquire these. They need both construction materials and greenwaste such as manure, grass clippings, compost, etc.

On Sunday 10th of October, there is to be a Global Climate Working Bee to get our community thinking about climate change, and it's thought that the community garden should make this the next working bee, with the aim of getting these beds put into place. This is 3 weeks away. This would give all enough time to organise materials to be delivered to the site.

There is now an emailing list of those involved and interested, so that meetings and events and working bees can be notified. Anyone who would like to be on that list (no pressure will be applied if you're on it) should email Tara here.

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