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Mining Schedule 4 land in National parks

Posted April 14th, 2010
By Beth Bryant

Our protected areas must remain protected. These areas all have outstanding conservation values, which is why they were protected in the first place! Native forests are becoming rare - and special - world wide.

Schedule 4 was put in place by the National Government to protect and safeguard the future of our core conservation areas. It would appear irresponsible to reverse this decision. Public conservation land is held in trust by the Minister of Conservation on behalf of the New Zealand public.

The Department of Conservation budget cut of $53 million should be restored to help the department carry out its central role in protecting and maintaining our public conservation land, plants and animals. It is inappropriate to fund a conservation body with mining royalties!

Why is the government subsidising mining companies by spending $4million to investigate mineral potential in our core public conservation areas? These areas must remain protected now and for future generations. These areas belong to the people of Aoteroa for recreation and tourism- not for mining. Mining will affect tourism, which is a very large income earner for this district of Motueka.

Mining is the only activity that is exempt from public processes. This position should be corrected now. We need to be notified of applications for access to mining on any public conservation land. In addition, all open cast mining and tailing dams on public conservation land should be prohibited - by a law change.

At present water leaves the Kahurangi National Park in pristine condition…

Please help protect our National Parks by making a submission. NOTE: DEADLINE for submissions on mining schedule 4 areas is 4th May (submissions should be in post by 30th April)

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