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Frosty Goodall and his latest book "Melody Fingers and Dancing Feet"

(July 24th 2010)

Anne Wensley gave a short talk on the part her husband Lou played in providing transmitters for the Nelson region to receive television 50 years ago and some of the trials and tribulations he had. Many locals were involved in getting the gear and aerials up. It was a private group and you paid a subscription. Many were a bit slow on paying so when an important event was coming up - such as a rugby test match - then Lou would cut transmission. Subs were paid with speed.

Coralie introduced Frosty Goodall as our main speaker. Frosty talked not only about his latest book "Melody Fingers and Dancing Feet" but also his previous three publications pointing out some of the do's and don't's of publishing.

Relating some of the things that happened at dances and talking about the local people involved in dance bands were the highlights of the talk. When he started Frosty thought it would involve about 200 musicians - he ended up mentioning 858. He talked about the Halls and how the local communities raised the money for them and then ran them.

He concentrated on three bands - Doug Heinz who played for 65 years, the Mills Brothers - Lew and Darcy - Lew Mills lives in Motueka and has made a recording of the numbers they played; and the Congdon Brothers, six of whom played for the Fernleaf Band.

The Blains, Betty and Elston were also mentioned. Former proprietors of the Motueka Hotel, it was Betty who could play the piano but Elston soon learnt and played several instruments.

The period covered is 1912 - 2008 and the book captures a period when life was simpler, work was harder and every enjoyment that came along was taken and made the most of.

Keith Fry thanked Frosty for his talk and afternoon tea was served.

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